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Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance Sample Contract

Grass cutting and lawn maintenance sample contract


sample grass cutting and lawn maintenance contract

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Contractor Information

Company Name: ___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


Phone: (_____) - ______-________________

Cell: (_____)-_______-________________

Email: _______________________________

Years in Business: ___________ years

Insurance Company: _________________________________________

Policy #: __________________________________________________

Does your policy cover damage and theft of materials on site? Y / N

Are your Subcontractors insured? Y / N, Not Sure

Reference 1: Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference 2: Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference 3: Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________


Lawn Cutting and Maintenance Details

What date will your lawn maintenance company start taking care of our lawn and gardens?

Start Date: ______________

What date does this agreement become void and available for renewal?

End Date:_______________

How many times per month will the grass be cut? __________ / month

Does the price include all trimming around trees, sidewalks and other obstructions on the property? Y / N

How old is your primary lawn cutting equipment? ______________ Years Old

Does your company own back up equipment in the event of equipment failure? Y / N

Please list all properties included in this lawn cutting agreement.
1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________

How many times per year will the lawn be rolled? _______________________________

Does this agreement include any lawn treatments to prevent weed growth? Y / N

If yes please specify the weed treatment plan and all chemicals that will be used on the property.

Please specify the months and dates for the scheduled lawn treatments.

Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
Month __________ Day ___________
As required _____________________

Does this agreement include aeration of the lawns specified above? Y / N

Will trimmings be removed from the property and all gardens? Y / N

What is the grass cutting rate payable from the property owner?
$__________.___ / cut
$__________.___ / month
$__________.___/ season

Property maintenance

Does this property maintenance agreement include the upkeep of any gardens? Y / N
If yes has a property map been provided highlighting the gardens to be kept up? Y / N

Does this agreement include weed removal from within and around the gardens? Y / N

Does this agreement include the trimming of bushes and trees located on the property? Y / N
If yes have the trees and shrubs included in the property maintenance been outlined on the property map? Y / N

Please specify any additional property maintenance included in this agreement not already outlined.

What is the property maintenance rate payable from the property owner?
$___________.____ / treatment
$___________.____ / month
$___________.____ / year

Please specify the regularity of the property maintenance
Once per week ___________
Once per month ___________
Once annual ___________

Subcontractor Information

Please provide the company names and phone numbers of all subcontractors you plan to use on this lawn cutting agreement.

Excavation: _____________________________________________________

Sprinkler System: _________________________________________________

Electrician: ____________________________________________________

Nursery: ________________________________________________________

Will your company hire and be responsible for paying your subcontractors and suppliers? Y / N

Payment Plans

How do you prefer the homeowner present any changes to their plans during the lawn maintenance season if they would like to do something different?

Cost per month $ ___________________
Cost per visit $ ___________________
TOTAL $ ___________________

Deposit required upon signing of contract _______________________

Payment Schedule

Payment 1: ____________________________ Amount $ _________________________
Payment 2:_____________________________Amount $ _________________________
Payment 3: ____________________________ Amount $_________________________
Payment 4:_____________________________Amount $_________________________

The homeowner of this project does not wish to be the lender on this project and as a result, an excessive deposit or a heavily front loaded payment schedule will result in the rejection of this proposal. After the initial deposit if any at all, the homeowner expects to pay no more than the material and labour invested for a satisfactory of performed work, withholding final payment until all professional and personal inspections have been completed.



This document is provided by Contractor Quotes as a guide and the use of this document should be as such. It is recommended that you have this viewed by a lawyer to ensure that the document covers your home renovation and property in full. Contractor Quotes is not responsible for any loss or damages as a result of using this document